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The most secure wireless sensors available!  The only wireless sensor utilizing the award-winning all metal switch technology from Magnasphere Corporation; impervious to contact welding and resistant to magnetic tamper and defeat. The patented MSS-RFS series sensors provide the strongest FCC allowable output signal with a 14+ year battery life. Proven industry history and globally recognized high security switch technology which is quickly becoming the standard for the government’s highest level secure applications.


- Side mount magnet.

- Built-in enclosure tamper.

- Extra long-life battery, 14+ years.

- Smaller and narrow switch package.

- Higher security switch technology.

- Terminals allow connection for external input.

- Superior RF performance, even on steel door frame.


Compatibility and Part Numbers:

MSS-RFS-100   319.5 MHz:  UTC®, Interlogix®, GE®, ITI®, and Qolsys®

MSS-RFS-200   345 MHz:     Honeywell®, 2GIG®

MSS-RFS-300   319.5 MHz:  Napco®



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