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                                                  WATER SENSOR - Wireless

Wherever the possibility of unwanted water exists in a home or business—the compact Wireless Water Sensor is the ideal “peace of mind” sensor to add to your security and life safety system.  If the possibility of unwanted water exists from: toilet overflow, hose leak, sump pump failure, or pipe leak—the Water Sensor is on guard to alert of water accumulation and damage. Sensor detects water as little as 1/32"; when water rises to the contacts. Sensor checks for water every 5 minutes and requires two positive checks for a valid alarm—reducing  false alarms.

Suggested placement areas include:

  • Near water heater.
  • Near washing machines water hoses.
  • Under sinks.
  • Near sump pumps.


  • Patented antenna design.
  • Maximizes signal transmission strength while minimizing battery energy draw-extending replacement time.
  • Dual battery design vs. one in competitive sensors. Delivers more than double battery life.
  • Easy to install and  “Learn” into 319 MHz and 345 MHz control panels.

Compatibility and Part Numbers:

RF-WATER-319-NN     319.5 MHz:   UTC®, Interlogix®, GE®, ITI®, and Qolsys®

RF-WATER-345-NN     345 MHz:   Honeywell®, 2GIG®




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