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The Ce-RXTX  is a wireless receiver/converter that translates existing 319.5 or345 MHz wireless transmitters to a security system—via the system data bus. The Ce-RXTX is ideally suited for residential and small business applications with an existing security system in place.


The Ce-RXTX is offered in 319.5 and 345 MHz frequencies and can be wired  directly the  keypad bus of an  panel.  Sensors/transmitters that send signals through the Ce-RXTX are able to send low  battery and supervisory messages to the panel.


Upgrade the current security system by using existing wireless sensors — saving sensor replacement  expense and installation time.


  • Each module has a unique ID number that the control panel responds to for tamper and low battery conditions.
  • Small enclosure size:  5.5 x3.5 x 1.25 inches.
  • Includes: Enclosure, Antennas (2) and mounting hartware


Compatibility and Part Numbers:
   319.5 MHz. UTC®/Interlogix®, GE®, and Qolsys®.

                      345 MHz. Honeywell® and 2GIG®.



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