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The Wireless Shock - Door/Window Sensor is a wireless shock sensor designed to detect vibrations made by an intruder attempting to break a window or door. The shock sensor contains a tiny piezo detection device that detects vibrations when mounted on a window frame or door frame. The detection circuit can be adjusted during installation to ensure maximum coverage with the proper sensitivity. Built-in reed switch to monitor the opening and closing of doors and windows.


Wireless Shock - Door / Window Sensors


- LED activates on shock activation and goes out on restore.

- Adjustable potentiometer for shock sensitivity.

- Effective with vertical or horizontal mount.

- Replaceable extra long-life batteries: 2-3VDC lithium coin cell.

- Small and narrow switch package.

- Superior RF performance, even on steel surfaces.

Compatibility and Part Numbers:

RF-SHK-319-NN  319.5 MHz:  UTC®, Interlogix®, GE®, ITI®, and Qolsys®

RF-SHK-345-NN   345 MHz:     Honeywell® and  2GIG®

RF-SHK-433-NN   433 MHz:     DSC®



Why the Wireless Shock-Door/Window Sensor is a Better Door/Window Choice.



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