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Wireless security sensors, detectors, and life-safety products look and appear to be the same. Unless the wireless sensors and detectors are engineered with MaxOut™ Technology!


MaxOut™ Technology is different ̶ a difference you can see in the precision that goes into the PC board and components with attention to the smallest detail. Details that are so important to reliable performance of security and life safety! MaxOut™ high performance sensors deliver the maximum FCC allowable output to deliver the maximum signal strength and range. Every MaxOut Sensor is 100% tested for maximum performance, range, and reliability.


MaxOut™ Technology Is:


Experienced - The new wireless sensor company that has been making wireless security products for over 30 years. You can trust the sensors, detectors, and life safety devices engineered and designed by the people who invented and perfected wireless security systems; MaxOut Technology.


A Proven Security Innovator - Continuous Product Improvement on our security products has resulted in 9 U.S. Patents and groundbreaking development of encrypted security systems.


A Trusted Engineering and Development Partner - MaxOut™ Technology has been behind many of the security products used for residential, commercial, and high security today.


Engineered to outperform and outlast other wireless sensors with:

• Patented, raised antenna design for maximum RF transmission.

• Heavy gauge antenna wire increases signal strength and extends

• MaxPower Management – MPM.  Most sensors powered by 2 batteries to deliver up to 8 years
  life with no gradual power degradation.

• Batteries are positioned below components for no "dead reception" areas

• High-tension battery holders to maximize battery life.




Protect from Intrusion

Protect from Heat, Fire, and Environmental Damage

Personal or Medical Emergency


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