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                          MINI DOOR/WINDOW SENSOR WITH EXTENDED CONTACT - Wireless


The Mini Door/Window Sensor with Extended Contact is a supervised, wireless sensor that detects the opening and closing of doors or windows.


When activated, the sensor transmits an open (trip) or close (restore) signal to the panel. These are the signals the unit provides: supervisory, tamper and low battery (as needed). An external contact can be connected to the transmitter by feeding contact wiring through the housing.


New, high–powered microchip delivers exceptional range; 360° with no dead spots or signal drop-offs.


Patented design with an isolated antenna 1/8” above board and separated from batteries for superior RF performance and transmission efficiency. Reduced interference from metal door and window frames. Reduced battery energy draw lengthens the battery life.



- Option for wired external contact.

- Signals: supervisory, tamper, and low battery.

- Dual tamper; sensor and case for added security.

- Effective with vertical or horizontal mount.

- Replaceable extra long-life batteries: 2-3VDC lithium coin-cell.

- Smaller and narrow switch package.

- Superior RF range and performance, even on steel surfaces.



Compatibility and Part Numbers:
RF-CMDWSX-319-NN:   319.5 MHz. UTC®, Interlogix®, GE®, ITI®, and Qolsys®

RF-CMDWSX-345-NN:   345 MHz. Honeywell® and 2GIG®





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