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Motion Detector Wireless Ceiling Mounted


The RF-CPIR (Ceiling-Mounted PIR) is a 360 degree passive infrared motion detector designed for ceiling mount applications.




    • Three minute motion lock-out to conserve battery life.

    • LED—lights on motion for easy set-up and testing

    • The compact design allows for an easy installation.

    • Dimensions 2.95" diameter x 1.39" H.

    • Two sensitivity settings also provides for different types for environments and detection.

    • The motion detector is designed for a ceiling mount application and provides 360 degrees of    
      detection range.

   • Patented antenna design*. Maximizes signal transmission strength with the maximum FCC

     allowable transmission output. More output for greater RF range.

   • High-tension battery holder design ensure maximum power transfer to extend battery life.

   • Two battery design vs. one in competitive detectors. Delivers more than double battery life.

   • Easy to install. Easy to “Learn” into: 319.5 MHz control panels; UTC® Interlogix, GE®, and


The coverage pattern is dependent on the mounting height of the detector, areas cans be masked off to  prevent unwanted detection.


                                       Mounting Height                     Detection Area

                                                 8'                                             20'

                                               10'                                             30'

                                               12'                                             45'


  - FCC

  - IC


Part Numbers and Compatibility:
RF-CPIR-319-NN     319.5 MHz: UTC®, Interlogix®, GE®, ITI®, and Qolsys®






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