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September 18, 2019
MaxOut™ Technology is pleased to introduce the Wireless Mini Recessed Door/Window security sensor for residential and commercial applications. The Wireless Mini Recessed Door/Window sensor is a supervised, wireless sensor that detects and reports the opening and closing of doors or windows to the security panel.





August 16, 2019

MaxOut™ Technology is pleased to introduce the TOTAL Window Sensor providing complete intrusion detection and protection for windows. The sensor uses two independent zones. The first detects a window opening with a reed switch. The second detects shock and impact with a tiny, sensitive piezo attached to the window frame to detect impact or breaking glass. More



July 11, 2018

MaxOut™ Technology is pleased to release a new line of patented wireless, Rate-Of-Rise Heat Detectors that sense a rise in temperature - indicating a possible fire. These wireless life safety sensors, as well as the hard-wired version, may be new but the engineers who.  More


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