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Includes: (left to right)
Panic, Belt Clip, Mounting Bracket, Lanyard Attachment Clip.

Dimensions: 3"x2'x.7"

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PANIC - Wireless

The RF-Panic-One-Button-319 is a wireless hand-held device that is used as a portable panic or life-safety device, programmed into a 319.5 MHz control panel.  False alarm feature; 2-second button hold or 2 quick presses to send signal to the panel and onto central station for assistance.  2-second hold and 2 quick presses prevents false alarm from unintentional button press/bump. The Wireless Panic is powered by a replaceable 3-VDC, Lithium coin-cell battery.



Includes: (left to right)

  • Panic
  • Mounting bracket for discrete mounting
  • Removable belt clip
  • Removable lanyard clip



  • Powerful, with exceptional range
  • Simple 1 step “learn-in” for 319.5 MHz wireless control panels.
  • Lightweight and compact: 3” L x 2” W x .7” D.
  • Silicone, non-slip button offers a secure feel—easy to find on the fob, even in the dark.
  • Red LED light activates when function button is pressed. Indicating a signal has been sent.
  • Long-life battery–5 years, easy to replace.
  • Built with MaxOut™ Technology for maximum Radio Frequency (RF) security sensor reliability.
  • MaxOut high performance sensors deliver the maximum signal strength and range.
  • internal gasket to protect against moisture.

    RF-PANIC-ONE-BUTTON-319-NN:   319.5 MHz. UTC®, Interlogix®, GE®, ITI®, and Qolsys®

Side view showing belt clip



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