WATER SENSOR - Wireless


Wherever the possibility of unwanted water exists in a home or business—the Water Sensor

is the ideal “peace of mind” sensor to add to your security and life safety system.

If the possibility of water / toilet overflow, hose leak, sump pump failure, or pipe leak—the

Water Sensor is on-guard to alert of water accumulation and damage. Water is detected

when water rises to the contacts, 1/32" from the floor. Sensor checks for water every 5 seconds and requires two positive checks for a valid alarm—reduces false alarms.


Suggested placement areas include;

     •  Near Hot Water Heater

     •  Near Washing Machine Water Hoses

     •  Under Sinks

     •  Near Sump Pumps

     •  Near Bath or Hot Tubs




Water Detection Probe is very sensitive-detecting as little as 1/32" of water when water contacts both probes at once. Detects water early and reports signal/alarm to control panel before severe water damage can occur.


Patented antenna design*.

 •  Maximizes signal transmission strength while minimizing battery energy draw-extending   
    battery replacement time.

 • Two battery design vs. one in competitive sensors. Delivers more than double battery life.

 •  Easy to install. Easy to “Learn” into: 319.5 MHz control panels, such as UTC® Interlogix, GE®,

    and Qolsys®.

 •  Compact Size, attractive design, matt finish, and neutral color complement any décor.



Compatibility and Part Numbers:
RF-WATER-319-NN:   319.5 MHz.  UTC®, Interlogix®, GE®, ITI®, and Qolsys®




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